Recently ive been using a $hitty little cheap microphone to muck around with, and record some guitar parts. I use a mixture of Windows Sound Recorder and Audacity, and evrything was going fine, until i adjusted the volume level of the mic on sound recorder (i turned it up, so i could hear the recordings better). It still says its recording, but the mic refuses to pick up any sound. Any ideas UG? Iv got some stuff i need to record, and I cant!

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Check the mixer in the task bar next to the clock at the lower right hand side of your screen. It will be a small Grey speaker icon. Double click it and make sure "Playback Volume", "Microphone", and "Wave" are all turned up.

Also stick with Audacity 1.2.6 for recording, its much better than windows sound recorder...
If audacity is recording the mic in mono go into the settings and change it to stereo.