Hi were a new band out of the Chicago area and wanting some critique on our new song. Please feel free to bash us, or give us a positive comment. Honesty is the best policy here.

Goto myspace.com/kingswayrock to listen.
I liked the song, Very good drummer, my only problem, was the singer, I did not like his voice at all. I would suggest getting a new one
And also, i didnt hear much of any bass in there at all...
Thanks for the comment the bass is very much in there its just similar to the guitar part so it kind of blends in
The song itself isnt that bad. It's not really progressive tho, it flirts alot with a punkpop influence, specially the way your singer sings it. It's not bad but I guess you have to work it in your music
thanks i really dont know what to call it so i just named it progressive
i like it. all my friends bands are pop punk and they sorta jsut try to get alota songs and they get sloppy. but i like this its realy solid and all the parts fit great
Pretty cool opening line, and I definetly hear the bass. Don't know what that was talking about. Maybe it's because I know what listen for cause I play bass too. But I think it sounds a little sloppy. Singer's not bad, just needs a little work. You got a good drum sound going on. I really like the bass fills in the chorus, and the vocal harmonies. Nice guitar lines also. Pretty good, I like it. I think the bass just sounds kinda sloppy. It doesn't sound very tight and it sounds like he keeps accidentally hitting the pick ups. Keep up the good work.

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ya i played the bass parts, but im a guitar player so it is probably really sloppy, but i couldnt post the song without bass, I sing too and im working on my voice i know i need to work on the singing but that was my first song so i dont think im off too to bad of a start
pretty nifty! i like it, but the singer is god awful lol.
A damn good singer is EASILY the hardest thing to find for a band.

everything else is pretty good i enjoyed it
Very cool song to be honest. It's the sort of music I like, which is quite rare where I live. It is a little sloppy in places but I think that it will come together with practice.
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siema, polski zespol? , czy nie? ojojoj :P , vocals are good, but the only thing that cracks me up is that in those vocals, i dunno y, or if it's just me, but i ****en hear like a small Polish accent , might be just me , pozdro
Hey i think the music is quite good i like the druming, personaly i like the second one on the list best, i forget what its called but its good