Uhhhhhhh yeah I've had a few people tell me they want me in my sexiness to explain how to make drum loops with Fruity Loops.

I probably won't finish this thread right now, but I have a little bit of free time so I'll do my best....I'll explain in a simple way how to make a drum loop and export it to a .mp3 or.wav.

I'm assuming you have a fully registered version of Fruity Loops 3. If not, pirate it or something

You can download the demo version here

Here's what the screen should look like after you open Fruity Loops and get rid of the pop up thingy:
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The first thing I usually do is choose a tempo, but this isn't necessary right away because you can change it at any time. Just make sure you play your guitar at a consistent rate so the drums won't be off time. The built in menetrome in Fruity Loops I've found to be inacurate, but maybe it's just me.

So, you'll probably want to choose a drum kit. On the left hand side there's a bunch of drum kits and drums you can use. I usually prefer a custom drum kit, but you can find one of your choice. "Realistic" is just an example that, in my opinion, sounds good.

To create custom drum kits, I suggest finding the "Empty" drumkit in the browser, and then opening that. Then continue to look around for sounds you like (a good place to look is in under "Packs > Real Drumkit"), then right click them and click "Open in new channel."
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Once the playlist window is shown, you click the grid that aligns with the pattern and measure you want. If you want pattern 1 to play 3 times, pattern 2 once, and then pattern 3 to play four times, you would click the appropriate grids and the playlist window would look like this:

(where it says "Main Automation", you should uncheck that if you are using pattern 9, because although it is labeled "Main Automation", it acts for pattern 9 like all the other patterns do. I don't know why it is labeled that)
Once you have all your patterns ordered and repeated correctly, you are ready to export your file. Do so by clicking "File > Export" and you can export to either .mp3, .wav, or .mid.

Make sure that when you're exporting a drum loop, the red light next to "SONG" is selected, instead of the one next to "PAT" (like I failed to do in the picture lol ) If you don't do this, only your selected pattern will be exported, as opposed to the entire playlist selection.

Hopefully you're successful in making your drum loops

If anyone has any questions concerning Fruity Loops, I guess this is the thread for it...

uhh, I have a question to start off: does anyone else know how to change the time signature? I've done it a few times, but it's been a while and I can't remember. Thanks
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Dude, I finally figured out how to properly use to playlist stuff by myself like, yesterday. Great timing.

Keep up the good work, d-cup.
Somebody should Sticky this.......

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man, you are my hero! thanks, now i finally can put some drums in my band songs (well, i'm going to buy a drumkit next week, but, anyways...)
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