I've always been a believer that the amp/p.a. dominates tone whether it be acoustic/electric or electric. Very very few guitar pickups and preamps today reproduce the guitar's tone in its natural, clean state - and even these pickups are way more costly than what you're looking at.

Point being, I think as long as you have a good grip on your amp/p.a. and the e.q. even with a subpar electronics system, you'll be fine. If you're gonna be sitting or standing still, you could always mic the guitar up. Though that's where you get into different types of mics/ mic placement/ amplification/ etc. . . . Either way it's gonna be a complicated process, but I'm sure you'll be able to find great tone either way.

Good luck ! !

Oh, and when you're buying an amp, I don't think you should factor the effects of the amp too much. Fine a great sounding amp first, and you can always add pedals later.

Sig Retired.