Ok I've been playing for almost a year now, (no professional lessons or anything) and I was wodnering what would be considered good progress for the first year of guitar? I know this is all subjective but by a year what should I be able to do/know? I feel I've improved a lot over the year and so I was wondering what are common things you should be able to do/know after the first year of playing. Thanks.
ive also been playing for just under a year, and i think there are no guidelines for what you should be able to do.
the question is are you proud of how far you have come, and were you expecting more out of your year than you got.
Basic Chords
Deffenitly Power chords.
Some scales
Be able to play some songs

It would help if you told us what youalready know

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I progressed really fast after my first year, I could play ride the lightning and MOP all the way through, solos too, but I've just gotten really lazy with practice, and I haven't gotten much better, technically, since then, but I have improved tons musically. It just takes time man. Learn everything you can.
well geeze, im sure he can do that after a year.
say, leper, you use cashcrate? I just started using it recently and would love your opinion on it and suggestions about stuff... 'n' stuff.
i suggest finding a good teacher who can shape you into a good player in a reasonable amount of time, set goals in your playing and figure out what is needed to get the job done, also practice your balls off kid, its up to you how far you want to go in a year!
Well I've been playing year and a month and what I can do is:

Finger Picking
Major/Minor chords
Barre Chords
Power Chords
Palm Muted Tremolo Picking/Down Picking (fast, but not fast enough to be playing Slayer stuff for example)
Hammer-ons/Pull-offs (again, not very fast, but I'm capable)
Finger Tapping (again, not very fast)

Stuff I need to learn but haven't even botherd to start are pinched harmonics and sweep picking.

I'd say I'm doing okay for how long I've played
im at 5 months and i can do...

great fingertapping....
most of the major and minor chords with decent transition to the next....
a decent amount of riffs from many songs... i like timing though because i play by myself....
power chord usage.....
decent at palm mute.....
i can do half the iron man solo pretty good... other half not so great....
the only FULL songs i know are.... animals.... brain stew.... paranoid without solo....

other riffs include... godzilla...smells like teen spirit....running with the devil... aint talking bout love--slow transition back to the a-minor.....iron man....metal health....plush.... beginning of master of puppets... beginning of sad but true....you really got me....schism...sugar.... and small parts of other songs.... i know i lack timing and rhythm though..... anyways i would say as long as your satisfied then thats good.... dont go on anyone elses opinoin and just keep jammin
I've been playing for a year now and the only song I know is Classical gas and it's far from perfect probably like 70% full speed and still screw up a lot, and 2 short 1 minute songs, which still sounds weird from the originals.
k dude well im a noob at the UG forums but ive been playin guitar for 2-2.5 years now.

everyone goes at different levels for me at my first year mark i didnt know **** bout scales and i still barely do. i just jammed with my buds. if your lookin to get better learn SRV or jimi's stuff it makes other bands stuff seem easy.

i would recomend scales cause now that i know some it deffenetly makes soloing easier and then just sit back and jam.

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as far as techniques go i would reccomend

pinch harmonics
palm mutting
tremelo picking

if you could do this stuff after a year that would be a great start
if not then just practice

05 3 tone sunburst deluxe strat
line 6 spyder III 30 watt

epiphone special II les paul
SD-50CE silvertone acoustic electric