I was given a Bedrock BC 50 2X12 combo in exchange for helping a friend move his gear (basically the entire contents) to his new rehearsal space. As it turns out, the circuit board is fried on the output tube side. By all accounts this is a stellar amp and would be well worth restoring - I'm told it's a lot like a Vox but with a LOT more gain - but it would require a rebuild of the board. Being that the fiberglass itself is completely blackened, the board cannot simply be copied, as all wiring is completely obscured. In order to have this board rebuilt, I need a schematic. Here's the rub: I've searched the web, I've called repair shops, talked to amp techs and I have yet to find a schematic for this amp.
If anyone has any knowledge of/info on this particular amp, I please let me know. If you have a Bedrock BC 50, I would gladly pay your amp tech to draw up a schematic for it so I can have my guy build me one from scratch. Feel free to PM me, too, with contact info for recommended technicians.