i've been looking For this sound for a while now, and since im pretty bad in progammation, i cant find out how i can make a sound like this

What you do is unplug the GT8, run straight to your amp, and do volume swells. Instant violin sound.
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You're probably going to want to go with one of the synth effects. The brass synth patch on the GT-8 gets you pretty close as is. Start there and adjust as needed to dial back that brassy sound.
yep, or if there's an auto swell effect on ther (i know theres one on my POD) you can learn to use that for a violin sound. also, if you want a straight guitar tone to make this (i know the guy above mentioned synth types which work great) lots of smooth tight distortion, add some EQ to get the tone right, then use your neck pickup if you have one, roll any tone knobs you have down to zero and use the expression pedal for volume swells, or use a swell effect like i mentioned.

good luck!