Hey, I play bass in a band called Silence Aside, we currently are just a small town christian rock/rock band and we would really like you all to come join us on Facebook.com in support. We also have a myspace account which you can check out and listen to our music. Here are the links, post it to let me know what you think.


Life and Love go on, Let the Music Play - Johnny Cash
Don't let the word "Christian" scare you away, it's not preachy music. At least give it a listen, if you don't like us then say so, if you like us then say that too! I'dl ike some feedback, criticism is welcome.
Life and Love go on, Let the Music Play - Johnny Cash
umm its very catchy all of ur songs i like the use of wah in separation umm vocals r kinda plane drums i say are way to dominate everything else is good but i would make the drums a little less dominate and you can keep the vocals just i think personally they r kinda flat other then that its awsome
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well I have to tell you I'm a player in the band and even I don't like the vocals a whole lot. the songs that you guys listened to were from the first album (which I wasn't a member of yet) and they also had a different drummer and he tends to do that, but we have a new drummer now. the vocalist (jon) has got to back off of the mic, see when we play he crowds the mic with his mouth and muffles it so you can't understand much of what he says, we even told him that but it's a habit he has. but maybe you just don't like his voice period, I don't know. lol. but yeah our new drummer isn't as dominating, the old one we found he rode the cymbals a lot too, and the snare drum, maybe not in the cd but in concert.
Life and Love go on, Let the Music Play - Johnny Cash