So I have a generic ebay strat replica....does it's job ok with the help of guitar pro..but I'd like to get it a set of decent pickups to tide me over until I finish my custom guitar project.

What do you recommend for something quite versatile and strong in lows,mids AND highs.. (no odd sounding, funky sweet spots). I was thinking of just picking up some from a genuine strat...thoughts?

dont be fooled by the low prices. GFS pickups are great, and have a good rep too.

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my grandma is dying and my mum wants me to play something on bass for her, any body got any suggestions?!

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another one bites the dust has a pretty cool bass line
Low, middle and highs at the same time? Sounds like you need an EQ. Check out some Dimarzios or SDs.

EDIT: +100 for the Swinesheads if you live in the UK. 80 quid for a set, and damn good quality too.
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