The band I play in. We're called Time, we've been together for about a year. We won some recording time our first show, and recorded the songs you'll see on our MySpace. There's four, and it'd be awesome if you'd listen and give any feedback.

By the way, I play bass.

If you can, listen to the lyrics. I don't write them, but I sure do admire them. Our drummer writes them. He's a little messed up.

Our MySpace is in my sig.
Nice songs, keep the good work man.

Are you from Quebec?
I'm guessing this because I saw you have French names.

I'm not alone I hope
^ They're not from Quebec, they're from Ontario.

You guys are alright, nothing amazing, but nothing bad.

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I look up to you now. I'm serious, I have more respect for you than most Ugers!
Ontario is right. Gab, Aaron and myself are all French though. J is Italian. Thanks for the feedback though, it's greatly appreciated. Is there anything we can work on?
Sounds very good, I like the lyrics, but not the way certain words a forced in! The piano is very nice I must say!

Check out my band if you have the time...(No pun intended )
Holy shoot. Pretty nice website there, and nice videos. True Romance was a pleasant surprise.

I'm glad you liked our stuff. I'll let our keyboardist know.

And I've heard every pun there is to hear about our band name...
Def some good music, keep it up...I kind of like how you force some words in there, it gives it an edge and makes it sound different
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