It was incredible. We were both doing this week long blues camp type thing where you can take classes from various blues players from around the country. It's a truly amazing experience, I've done it for three years now, and I recommend it to each and every one of you. here's the website. www.augustaheritage.com . Bob Margolin was one of the instructors (unfortunatley he wasnt able to teach a whole lot since he had some prior commitments and was in and out all week.) They have classes for all sorts of instruments, and some of the instructors included: All three members of Saffire the Uppity Blues women, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins of Cephas and Wiggins, this year Bob was there, but I dont think he'll be there next year, Joe Filisko, and tons of other people who are incredible but not well known. So on to the story about my friend. It was the last night of the week, and there was a big dance going on to end the week with a bang. (it went till about two in the morning) Lots of the instructors were performing, but they needed drummers to rotate in throughout the dance, and my friend got to play during Bob Margolin's set. Also up there were Mookie Brill (Bob's bass player, he's amazing),and the guy who took over on piano for pintop perkins in Muddy Waters' band. (Daryl something) It totally blew my mind, and I'm so jelous of him. We were out till almost four in the morining last night just hanging out with people. It was so incredible.