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bullet for my valentine
linkin park
system of a down [mostly]
three days grace
killswitch engage
in flames [dont know for sure]
children of bodom
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Children of Bodom
I think the band "Mayhem" sometimes
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disturbed and linkin park
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killswitch engage and bullet for my valentine are the best options
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killswitch engage and bullet for my valentine are the best options

Aren't they just normal drop C tuning?
machine head. and by the way bfmv and killswitch use drop c
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SOAD us drop C dont they? not drop C#

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SOAD do use ordianry drop c. just look at chop suey and toxicity both are in plain old drop c. does anyone know if throwdown uses drop c#? i mean they do sound low enough.
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Aren't they just normal drop C tuning?

theyre both in drop C yes

the later dir en grey stuff is in drop C#
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Three Days Grace hardly uses Drop C#
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in flames [dont know for sure]

im pretty sure in flames is in C standard you need to heavy ass strings to play that!

how could i have forgotten! funeral for a friend is in drop C#, some of their riffs are quite challenging, like the art of american football, thats a tune
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old thread to bump but..
they are in open c.
for most songs it wouldnt matter tho cuz the high strings arent used much
uhhh acceptance, alice in chains, some system of a down...
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bullet for my valentine
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Old thread...
And BFMV is Drop C.
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I think A7X used Drop D down a half step for something. Can't remember what, though.
i think BTBAM use c# standard, not drop c#, but i could be wrong.

enter shikari use drop c#, as do.. uh. protest the hero, dunno if that's been mentioned, and..

in flames mostly use drop b flat, which is c standard with the e string dropped to b flat, i'm pretty sure.

you're welcome, maybe?
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