On the board:

Korg AX3G Multi-effect (Shipped with brand new batteries)
Age: About a year (Give or take litterally weeks)
Price: 120$ Canadian
Flaws: One of the rubbet "feet" fell off twice, now glued with super-glue.
Reason of selling: Would like to experiment with new effects.
Others: This pedal gave me more than a year of tonal pleasure. Great sounding effects with numerous paramenters to shape and scult one's dream tone. All effects are included from the classics (Chorus, Flanger, Octaver, acoustic simulator, Compressor) to more exotic effects ("Shimmer", Pitch shiffter/duplicator, Pickup simulator) to numerous reverbs, echoes, delays. Also, a wide variety of amp styles and Distortions/Overdrives.

Berhinger DM100 Distortion pedal (Shipped with new battery)
Age: Two years old
Price: 50$ Canadian
Flaws: None
Reason of selling: Recently purchased a EHX Metal Muff
Others: A year and a half of great sounding distortion. Easy to find perfect tone; the layout is very similar to those of a boss pedal. Three modes of distortion each modeling other popular pedals. Including: the DS1, D+ and the RAT. Great pedal for beginners, intermediate guitars, and perfect for those would are into effect modifications.

Yes, I live in Canada, and I am aiming for trades here. Any type of pedal, I'm open to new things. I will give any other informations to anyone who desires.
ALSO: Pictures are availible.
pics of the behrigner?
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If we are selling pedals for over new, I'll sell my AX3G for $100 US and throw in free shipping.