Ok, I've got some issues with Fruity Loops...

I've got drums, some synth and a bassline all programmed on Fruity Loops, and I want to add in some acoustic guitar. I've tried recording with Fruity Loops, but I haven't figured out how... The help documents aren't really...well, helpful. I think I'm missing something. I've tried exporting the drum, synth and bass tracks and then recording over them with Audacity, but it sounds awful and all out of tempo and crap.

So, any advice on how I can integrate the programmed stuff with my own playing? I feel like I'm missing something, but I don't know what. Oh, and I'm using a USB mixer to record with.

what i do is record the instrument on audacity while playing the backing track in fruityloops. then i zoom in on the recording in audacity and trim it so the start of the wav file is the exact start of you playing. then i create a sample channel in fruityloops, and upload the wav file as the sample. so now, basically you have an instrument on fruityloops where anytime you cue it in, it will play your recording. hope that makes sense, have fun with it, its a great program
Ah, ok, that is slightly different than I was doing it... cool. Could you explain more about how to use the WAV recording in Fruity Loops? I tried putting the track into the program, but I think I messed it up. How exactly would I "cue it in" like you said? I *think* I know what you mean, but I just want to be sure...
alright first create a blank channel by right clicking on another channel and inserting a new one (choose sampler). click on the channel to show its properties, and go over to SMP tab. now you can click the little folder and import your own WAV file.

k so now you have a channel which basically has your recording as its default note. now you need a pattern for it. just go to the step sequencer and fill in the first step (just one, otherwise it'll loop on itself) for your instrument channel. so thats your pattern, just drop it in on the playlist where you want it.
i <3 fruityloops.
you can pm me if you have any more questions, i dont mind helping out
also the link in my sig has some fruityloops recordings, check it out if you want