So...I finally touched my keyboard today (I haven't played it like for 2 years or more ).
And as soon as I started I played this C-D-D# thingy and I liked it...so I decided to continue it (I left practicing like when I was 10 or so)...
Then I made part two...and I'm very happy with it...
I guess I didn't lost my touch (at least I can play with my two hands ...kind of)

It sounds better played....
Oh..it is not finished...I don't know what to do next...I finished it in Gm and I want it to follow a very dark theme.....eh maybe can you suggest me any scale or key or anything?

Piano song.zip
Well its kind of weird in the sense that some of the notes sound horribly wrong. But theres something about the song i like. Whether its the happy piano part played with the minor making the happy sound minor, or the parts from measures 11-19. I don't know what it is, but i liked it. 7/10. OH yeah and i don't play piano so I'm sorry that i cant suggest you anything because I'm not familiar with the scales. Crit mine?
Well, I didn't really like this that much compared to your last acoustic song I heard. There were quite a few off key notes in there. If you know how to write in a key, like say Cm, look on gp where there's a pic of a fretboard near the top. Click on that, then click on scales when the fretboard pops up, then click on the C minor scale. It will show you all the notes in that scale, so you'll know which notes fit and which ones don't. Just trying to help you weed out off-key notes.

As for the actual music, it was pretty bland imo. When you hear music on a piano, it's more often then note, more then one melody going on. One that's the actual melody, and one that plays bass notes, chords, etc. On this, there was just one melody and it wasn't too good at all, and some of the harmonizing sounded waaaaay off. One trick I use to harmonize notes in minor scale w/ gp is play a note, then the harmonized note will be a note in the scale that's 2 higher or 2 below in the scale then the first note.

So if were still talking about C minor, a harmonized minor 3rd for an F would be G#, and for a for a G it would be an A# and so on. hope this helps you man. Good luck
Thanks for the crit...
I know it was Cm...and the key-note should be F (I find it easier to memorize scales in piano than in guitar)...but I tried it with both F and F# and I thought F# was more the sound I wanted...
Yeah...I tried to improvise some stuff on the piano with the theory knowledge I have...which isn't that great imo...so yeah, I wasn't using gp when I wrote this.
Yeah....when harmonizing I just did a mess.....I don't know how to harmonize

Anyway.....I need some more practice too.....I haven't touched my piano like for 5 years or so...
^^ yeah I used to play piano for like 7 years, but then I kind of stopped when I started playing guitar, which was not quite 2 years ago. So I was pretty good on piano technically I never actually learned any theory outside of a few scales and chords. So just keep at it man, the paino is an amazing instrument