I have 3 1/2 years experience in mostly metal and I want to start [or join] a Christian band with that 'gothic' sound like Sengir and Nightwish have[or had? What happened to Nightwish exactly?] My gear is a Roland Jazz Chorus 120[vintage and sorta broken xD but it works great], an '06 Squier Strat with a pickup mod[to get that humbucking tone], a Digitech RP250 and some HEADPHONES! xP All that's needed is a drummer with at least 2 years experience, a bassist with 4 years, and a keyboardist/pianist with either 7+ years or LOTS of natural talent. You must know about your equipment and how to get great sound out of it, any PA equipment will be great as an addition, and any prior band experience[of any genre] will greatly help. Looking to play all original music with a few covers to get the band jump started.

If you don't have gig-worthy equipment[as in low wattage amps/can play, but don't have own equipment] then you need not apply. Age is an issue if you're under 16.

Another guitarist is welcome to join. Guitar experience can be either rhythm only or rhythm and lead. Also offering cheap lessons for beginners of the Guitar and Bass: $30 per day or $4 an hour if under 5 hours.

My personal influences are actually various genres. I love As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Nightwish, Sengir, Gretchen, Slash[the musician], "All Right Now" by Free, Underoath, and many more. Dragonforce is excellent but I'm not at that skill level yet to play all of their leads.
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