hey uh im lookin at the Alixi-260 but its made of basswood and wonderin if its and good(For melodic black/death metal stuff)

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A lot of metal guitars seem to use basswood, even a few expensive ones (including the Jem I think.) I don't play metal but I have a basswood MIJ Strat that sounds amazing. The tone of basswood is somewhere between that of Alder and Mahogany. Very balanced. It generally doesn't have such an attractive grain so most guitars will be painted. Not as heavy as mahogany. It is softer (although it is still classified as a hard wood) so it will ding more easily.
Most of Kirk Hammett's guitars are (EDIT* Alder, which is even brighter than basswood), if that helps. There's nothing wrong with it by any standards. You could use an Alder guitar for black/death metal with the right pickups and amp.
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My current guitar is Basswood and they go really well with EMG Pickups. It will be fine for metal. I play neo-classic/Power Metal now but I used to play death metal. It was fine.
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