Ok, I need some professionals to rate which of these three songs is the best. I need to know because my band, "16HoursRemain" made a new song that we need lyrics for and 3 of us wrote lyrics for it. Rate by if it makes sense and which one is the best overall. Rate 1st, 2nd, then 3rd.

1. (this one is about your life becoming a lie)

my whole life
has become
a distinct lie
trapped within
those precious
times arent real
forever lost
because of you

never forgive
when fantasy
betrayes us all
and we have nothing
these wounds wont heal
wished lies were feign
and tragedy
for i have fallen
with great confusion
my thoughts collide
not knowing why
if i can take
one last look
whats left behind
this dreadful lie

2. (this one is about starting your life over in a new life)

A new day. A new start. Here i am now, as you see. Now i have a distinct personality. For time is not of the essence. Not in this new world where i dwell. Because there is a road, with many different paths. Which one will i take? Now that ive hidden the ashes of my past that has been burned, i can see a road now. With many different paths, which one will i take?

3. (this one is about the beginning of your life and you understand how life came to be and which way you choose to live it)

Commence Life
Elaborate Beginning
Bring Forth Lie
Sin Arise
Consecrate Fire,
Divine Deity
Create Existence
For I perceive
What becomes has duration -
A rapture of ecstasy,
or a tear in the universe
Rain of fire brings volcanic ashes
That fall to the earth and disenigrate
Life then burns into resin
Prevailing the state of existence
Or, life becomes of what you make it.

there you go, now which one is the best???