Alright, this is my first post here and I know barre chords are discussed quite frequently...but these are REALLY starting to frustrate me. I am primarily practicing chords with a full barre (partial barres are easy after these) and no matter what fret I barre the G string is either muffled or muted. I have searched many websites and actually watched a few videos and cannot see what is wrong with my personal technique. Maybe this just required practice, but it's driving me crazy.

As an example if I were to play this chord...


The G string always buzzes no matter how I position my index finger or thumb. At this point I almost hope something is wrong with my technique so it'll be an easy fix...really starting to piss me off
Well it could be the set up on your guitar. Eg: A high action and/or heavy guage strings are going to make barre chords harder to play. That said though, barre chords do take practice to master. If you've done all the research and still cant find a problem with your technique then there probably isnt one.... Every guitarist has gone through this, just practice, practice, practice n it will come.
Make sure the creases on your fingers lie between the strings. If the crease lies right on the string it can cause a muffled sound.

Remember too much pressure is a mistake and not necessary when good position is established.

Play around with the positioning and orientation of your index finger. Try pushing down on the strings with more of with the side of your finger rather than the flat part, place your finger higher up or lower, rotate your wrist, etc. Once you are fretting the chord, pluck the strings individually to determine if any are muffled and/or muted and adjust fingers accordingly until you can strum it cleanly.
Alright thanks for the help. I know I need more practice, only started barres about a week ago. One other question though. When you say playing around with index finger position...I can typically get all of the strings to ring clearly if my index finger is about a centimeter or so over the top of the fretboard...is this ok or a bad habit?
I do that too, it helps cover all the strings. Barres come with time, I've been playing for close to 3 months now and just barely am I getting barres to sound full and everyonce in a while I'll still get one string that won't sound. The strength will come with time, and just practice songs with barres in them a lot.
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