i am learning to play guitar i have been playing for about 6 months or so, i dont have a problem with switching chords i just need help with learning strumming patterns to songs, if someone could reply and give me the strumming patterns to knockin on heavens door and wonderful tonight i would appreciate it, you can also email me at learnin2playguitar@yahoo.com

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Just listen to the song and it will come in time. Practice playing it along with the track.
Here's an excellent way of improving strum patterns. With your fret hand, mute all the strings so that they don't sound. Spool up the song you want to play to, and try to strum along with it. In this way, if you do make chord mistakes, you won't hear them, and they won't throw you off. Keep doing this repetition until you have it down. Then add in your fret hand and wala! There's your song. It's a lot easier to concentrate on only one hand when trying to memorize strumming patterns than to have to work on both. If you know the chord changes, then just get the strumming by itself, then add the two together and you've got it.
If there's drum on the song try to follow the same rhythm.
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