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Not like Ode to joy or Yankee doddel or stuff that you learn from guitar lessons,

I mean like you know what your doing and sat down to learn a song. what was it and why.


Plain White Ts-Hey there Delila, Just started Guitar a few months ago and the song is really easy and It really only needs a guitar (And the Ladies love it )
country road, James Taylor - Online Guitar Tab Management Tool. Upload Guitar Pro/Power Tab files, automatically find lyrics, videos, and more
Killin in the name of - Rage Against the machine

Learnt that a few days after getting my bass,
The Mario theme
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On bass it was For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. On guitar it was Personal Jesus if that counts. If not, then it was also For Whom The Bell Tolls. Or maybe Killing In The Name without the solo.
uhhh, i think it was day in black by job for a cowboy, really easy just alot of tremolo picikin
For Whom the Bell Tolls

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Don't Cry by Guns N' Roses (lead, rhythm, and bass) for me.
Seek & Destroy by Metallica (without solo's).

I've only had my guitar for 5 days so I'm still learning it, but I can play the main riffs at full speed now, though I suspect it may be some time before I attempt the solo's...
before i forget by slipknot
Learning scales?
I've got: (tabbed in pro)
Major Scale, Pentatonic Major Scale
Holy Smoke by Maiden. Minus the crazy ****ed up harmonic solo, and the other more normal one.
What's wrong with Ode To Joy??? I was excited when I learned how to play it!

Well I've only been playing a month but hopefully the first real song I learn will be Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse.
Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. Just can't get enough of that awesome riff.
The first song I learned completely inside out would be Cowboys From Hell by Pantera.
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Well ThreadStarter, according to your definition, I suppose my first "real" song was Eighteen by Alice Cooper. Nice enough song, but I got bored with it after a while.
Quote by HollyW07
What's wrong with Ode To Joy??? I was excited when I learned how to play it!

Well I've only been playing a month but hopefully the first real song I learn will be Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse.
There's nothing wrong with it at all my dear. I'm sure it felt quite rewarding to play a song that was easily recognizable. It's one of those songs you can revisit, over and over throughout your life. I heard so much more in it, than what was on the sheet music. I put together a couple of different versions I really liked a few years ago. I found a video on the net that's worth looking at. He plays it at a far faster tempo than I would have. He has a nice modulation at 0:50 and some of the simpler harmonies I used at 1:30. Mostly it's a very different direction than I took things, but that's what make something like this very special. You can put your own name on it, but it is still universally recognizable.

If anyone can play it something like that, they can say it's not a real song.
I won't argue.

...but if they can't. They can just talk to the hand.

FWIW, several years ago I put together a version of Three Blind Mice for 4 guitars.
It was quite amazing for not being a "real" song.

And a good friend of mine (drummer) was working with a band that played a version of the Pink Panter theme that rocked the house, and literally stunned the audience at a large auditorium venue. I suppose that's not a "real" song either.

The point I'm trying to make is that there is no song that should be overlooked. Songs can be anything you want them to be. It all depends on what you put into them.

...or even just, what you get out of them.

Cheers y'all,

(yeah Holly, the "y'all" part was just for you. )
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I learned Novacaine by Green Day first. Was a simple chord progression, plus easy to sing with.
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Creep by STP

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im a bass player but i also play guitar (not nearly as well)

as far as my song on bass, it was Antichrist Superstar by marilyn manson, off of the album of the same name.
The first full song I learned (in basic chords) is Bad Day by Daniel Powter!!
SomeoneYouKnew, you seem to have driven the nail in the coffin. Well, there's not much more I can say, other than...

Yankee Doodle Dixie - Chet Atkins
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Ode to Joy and such is as much a song as anything else, but by real song i'm guessing you mean originally written on electric guitar in a band. In that case it would be Breaking The Law by Judas Priest. However, the first thing I ever learned was Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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Put Me on -Styx minus the solo since its not tabbed
im still learning it but i probably would be done if i wouldnt have broken one of my strings
Blackbird - The Beatles

A friend taught me. I just thought it looked impressive since you have to fingerpick and move your fret hand up and down the neck. It's actually easier than it looks.
Either whole lotta love or sweet child o mine (including solos) other than that id just learn the rythym/main riffs of a song and not bother with it all.
As opposed to the first fake song I learned?
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