Thanks for taking the time to read this...
I have been recording music for 5 years now, and playing for longer.

I've been using an old crappy computer (still on windows 98) with a 1/2 decent soundcard using LP Recorder to record it, Cool Edit Pro to edit the seperate tracks and eJay Music Director Gold to load the tracks on, and to mix the song the put the music together.

I have achieved amazing results I feel considering the stuff i've been using. I have a set of drums mics and a Rode N1NA, and a good quality behringer mixing desk.

My comps died! I've come to the conclusion I love music so much I'm prepared to shell out a few grand to seriously upgrade my studio to make professional recordings. I've heard macs are the best to make music with. So all you folks who have really good music gear (I mean really really good, PRO STUFF), can I have your advice please??? Tell me the best sound cards, mics, macs ect... cheers!!!!