Would Bbsus4 and Ebsus2 be the same chords? If I'm doing it right, they have the same fingering.


E--1-------------------------- (5th)
B--4-------------------------- (4th)
G--3-------------------------- (root)


E--1-------------------------- (2nd)
B--4-------------------------- (root)
G--3-------------------------- (5th)

I don't know mate, I would play a full Bb barre chord on the first fret and add my pinky on the 4th fret b string. Notes would be: Bb, F, Bb, Eb(sus4).

I would play Ebsus2 on the 6th fret with a normal Eb barre chord but not fret the b string on the 8th fret, just fret it with the first finger doing the barre. Notes would be: Eb, Bb, Eb, F# (sus2).

You can see that these are bascally power chords, with either the 4th note of the route added or the second note of the root added making them sustained chords.

Cheers Craig
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The second chord is an Ebsus2 INVERSION. It doesn't become a proper Ebsus2 until the root is the lowest note, which would happen if you finger the D string on the first fret.
Bbsus4 is: Bb (root) - Eb (fourth) - F (5th)

Ebsus2: Eb (root) - F (2nd) - Bb (5th)
so yep, same notes

and like afc16 said, that second chord you listed is voiced as the second inversion of Ebsus2 (which coincidentally is also Bbsus4)

and also, in general, you could say Ebsus2 is the 1st inversion of Bbsus4
Like afc16 said, for it to be 'proper' Ebsus2 you need to add a lower note:

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