For sale is a MH-400NT in great condition. Beautiful quilited finish, EMG 81/85, set thru neck, mahogany body. The only issue is a small chip at the headstock and also the nut can sometimes come a little loose when changing strings, but can be fixed easily. I'm selling it with an LTD gig bag, price is $550 plus shipping to USA only.

dont know if you're up for trades, or epiphones. but i've got an epi LP Custom for trade, if you're interested. let me know.
Ill give you a GSR100 for it. I know your not interested but if you are PM meh
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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