I'm looking for a guitar with good looks, that aren't like all the other guitars in the world suited for metal. You know, they all either have the odd shapes, or red finish. I guess it doesn't matter to much, but reguardless, i need a guitar with a very good crunchy distortion. And be able to clean up. I know certain pickups such as the livewire metal from Seymour Duncan can't be clean. I would like a "c" shape neck, preferably something like a telecaster's with twenty four frets. Tone tone, volume volume knobs, and floyd rose. Wheww. Something around the lines of that, i know it's a lot, but it's something to go off of, i don't care about price.
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not totally sure about the neck, and the trem is different, but you might wanna look at the specs of the john petrucci music man, I really liked it when i played.
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