I've been intersted for a few days now. Its cheap and suprisinly good sounding.
I recently just bought guitar hero so that set me back a good hundred so i'm gonna have to wait a few weeks before i buy the pedal.

but i have an SS right now. Though i am planning on upgrading it to an epi jr. How will it sound through an ss?
It'll warm up your SS a little bit. It'll sound great when you get the VJ, though.
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I tested it through an MG at Guitar Center and ive played it through my 10w fender SS and it was horrible through both. It was all muddy and mushy through the MG and harsh and screeching through the fender. It sounds great with my Champion 600 though, so if your getting a VJ soon you should be fine.
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I'd suggest you go for the VJ first, or wait and buy them both at the same time.
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