What type of learning dvds would you guys suggest, not just for the starting points, but as a whole method?

thanks in advance.
john petrucci has one. i think its called rock discipline or something. paul gilbert has some too i belive.
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I have "learn and master guitar" on order. Since I haven't received it yet I can't verify if it's worth the money or just an overpriced paper-weight. However, all of the reviews I've read say it's one of the better DVD sets. If you're not in a hurry I'll try to remember to post you a review of the set.

Keep in mind I'm pretty much a total beginner and looking for something starting from the ground up. If you have experience you may be looking for something completly different than I am.

http://www.learnandmasterguitar.com <-- link
john petrucci's rock discipline is good if you take it all in, if you just mimic what he plays in his lessons then good luck lol
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