I'm going to buy a multi-effect. I think about Digitech GNX3000 and GNX3. But I don't know which one has heavier distortion. So does anyone have them can give me an advice? Thx
I'm pretty sure the 3000 has all the same effects at the gnx3 plus a few more artist presets and maybe a few more effects. My friend uses the gnx3 and he gets pretty heavy distortion though. I'm not sure I like the pedalboard as a whole, though, because a lot of the effects on there are useless unless you are willing to spend the time to tweak them till you like the sound.

Edit: ^I also agree with this guy. But, I understand wanting a multi-effects if it's necessary and you don't have the money to buy them individually.
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If distortion is all you're after then don't buy a multi effect at all, buy a single effect. Because, as said 1000000 x before, quality is greater than quantity.

Thanks....but I actually need many other effect sounds. And hey, I'm thinking about single effect too. So do you think I should save money for many single effects or a multi-effects?
@FanksGuv: thanks your information.
I have a GNX-1 and am very happy with it. Don't listen to the tones snobs, the amp and cab modeling is pretty accurate to the original tones. And the rectified model has a pretty killer distortion.
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