was 550 a good price for this guitar? 550 canadian btw...it came with the case and everything, the only thing wrong that the guy told me was there was a crack behind the input jackk, which i dditn mind...
That's an AMAZING deal, as long as it's in good shape. That's about half of the retail price. Nice score!
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ya the original price is 1025 canadian...i didnt intend on buying a new guitar that day...kinda went in just helping a friend pick out a new guitar, and BAM this thing caught my eye, got it in a wine red finish, the sales man also came over and mentioned that the guitar just came in in the morning, so i was pretty lucky to even see it
also i was wondering how it compares to a gibson les paul studio, ive read alot of things about the elitist les paul standard being comparable to the gibson studio, but how is the elitist studio compare to the gibson les paul studio?
some lad i know from one of the local bands just bought a gibson les paul studio, and personally i think it would be more comfortable playing a shoebox strung up with elastic bands - the neck is horrid (50's profile?)

to add to that it looks really cheap and dull.

my epiphone black beauty is a better performer in my opinion (maybe i just got lucky in getting a decently built one), so the elitist probably rapes the low end gibsons over a table end.
I dunno, a higher end version of a lower quality guitar sounds kinda pointless

but you did get a hell of a deal
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deat god, i just spilled my soda a little bit, that is an "OMGZ THAT A-AMAZING I GOTTA SPLURGE" kind of deal. good work man
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