To start with, its not really my style of music, but it sound right and good. If pop is the style you meant for the song - you did great

Regards, Ash.

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What a well written, performed and produced song. I was really surprised when I clicked on your link because of the style of music, the quality of your work and how professional it all sounded. Definitely not the type of thing I'd listen but you've got a lot of talent. Unfortunately, a lot of the guys here won't recognise this.

Anyway, great work.
xX*Zeppelin*Xx could not be more right.

I was expecting it to be maybe pop punk or something else you hear these days, but I clicked on it and its really pop lol. Its very well written and recorded though and it sounds like something that could be played on the radio.

The keys were a nice touch to the song, and the singing was spot on.

I dont know what else to say mate, i dont usually listen to this genre so I cant quite say what needs to be improved popwise, but musically I dont find many flaws with it.

Prbably the only suggestion is that the song sounds very Happy, for a song about being dark and cold!

Would you mind listening to my bands new song? Thanks in advance: