I just started lead singing for a band. I've sang all my life, whether it be in chorus, or just at home singing along with my favorite musicians. But, I have never sang so much and as powerful as I have been singing lately because of my band. My vocal chords aren't very used to singing this much, and its been very strenuous on my voice. After practices I feel like I can't talk anymore. And, even during practice; half-way through our set, I'll already feel my voice going. (I do not scream by the way - I may yell a few times; we're a rock band)

I want to know if anyone can tell me some great and proven ways to keep my voice in great shape. I'm looking for some remedies that can speed up my voice being brought back so I can sing consistently. I still and training my vocal chords to eventually be able to sing longer and longer. I always try to keep up a lot of breath, and try not to scream or strain my voice. So, again. Any great remedies will be great.

P.S. - I checked the sticky, and the remedies they had in there were kind of vague. I'm looking for some things that are a bit more specific. Thanks.
this sounds like total bs but drinking pickle juice helps. i used to do vocal in a band.
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Our singers voice was broken...we did Pure lemon juice straight down his throat and made him drink some warm green tea. Since we did it at the same time, i cant tell you which fixed him, but he was fixed 15 minutes later.
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when i did a musical play, i would always drink honey leamon tea and it seemed to keep my voice pretty good. it tastes pretty good too imo.
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