Hey, I was playing me Ibanez, and I did a Dimebag squeal, and pulled up on the trem, and then the E just snapped right at the bridge!

I unraveled it a bit and then played again, then the B string snapped, at the same place. And then the next day, the G string snapped, again at the bridge.
I restrung with some brand new D'addarios, 9-42's. Im afraid that it will keep snapping...

Is this because of the stock strings being on there, or my saddles being too tight...

Now What do I do, I don't think I should sand down the saddle, so what to do?

BTW, Its an Edge III
so you replaced the e string then the b snapped?
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new strings, and better your technique
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It should be ok, but be careful with it. My Edge Pro won't get tight enough to snap a string though. What type of strings are you playing? .09? .10?