I want to buy a new amp, i wanted to buy a mini amp but now decided i need something bigger.
There are 2 amps that i can buy right now, one is a 50 Watt Line 6 Spider with a 12" speaker and a 4 channel footswitch. and that amp is $125 cuz its used.
The other one is a 30 Watt Roland Cube 30X with a 10" speaker, this one is a 2 channel and no footswitch. and this one is $150, but the guy said he'll think about selling it for $130. Iv heard nothing but great things about the Cube amps and iv played the Micro Cube and it blew me away.
Iv heard bad things about the Line 6 Spider 2 series but i dont know if that one is and Spider 2 or just Spider. And ofcourse theres the 20 watt difference.
So .... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw this Crate GFX - 30, it says its 65watts RMS and 120watts peak power and has a 12" speaker also, doesnt say how many channels, this one's for $100, iv heard that older Crate amps tend to get a loud crack when you turn up the volume, distortion, effects, etc. Not sure if its true, maybe you have had some personal experience and could let me know?
And please keep in mind all of these are used, not sure exactly how much each one is used but they are used.
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if its a spider 2, which i probally is for that price, dont get it. if its an orginal spider, try it out and if you like it get it.

for the crate, stay away. crappy amps with bad tone and over priced.

all in all, i say go for the cube though. its the best out of all three. the orginal spider could hold up with it, but thats if the spider is an orginal and not a spider 2
I'd go with the cube, spiders are too digital sounding and i really dislike that crate although it has a good greenday tone if thats what you're into
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cube ive got the 20x and i love it. I could see it still being a practice amp 20 years down the road. I dont know about the spider (never played one) but i love my cube and i dont need any effects pedals because its effects are great.

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