Its dark…
and its long…
this is…
the emo hair song!

Emo hair
its long and past you’re eyes
emo hair
its what preppy girls despise

Mmk.thats the only lyrics that are definitely in the song.
my friend kinda made the verses up in like 5 minutes.
not very good….not what I was looking for

I had emo hair
And then I got a buzz
now if you mess with my huns
ill pull out my guns
and shoot you


Now I got girls
On my left and my right
and ever day and night
I get to watch them fight


And when I watch them fight
they sometimes hit me
oh my god
I really miss me
emo hair


I miss me emo hair a lot
its all I got, except my pot


hmmm so ya. the verse isnt right at all for the song but ya.
tell me if you like it.
if you feel like taking part in writing new verses that would be awesome.
the idea is pretty funny, but the writing itself sucked, i'm sorry, but if you put some time and thought into this it'd be a pretty damn awesome song, it sounds very generic and poppy to me, work work work, if you don't hate me maybe u can crit mine? The Illusionist Part 1, in my sig
thats pretty much what i was saying...
i made up the chorus thing when i got bored
and then put it over guitars
and my friend kinda just freestyled the verse....

ill maybe start rewriting lyrics tomorrow.