Search bar not working....But yeah....Whats the best music to play video games to....I've found Enter Shikari to be good....And Dragonforce for obvious reasons...What about you guys?
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Nine Inch Nails.
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This band from Mexico called Mana was pretty epic while I was playing Brothers in Arms.
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if i'm playing a war/fighting game then I play Slipknot. I always get more kills that way

If i'm playing a car racing game I play Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine. I always get slower times by about 5 seconds if I dont listen to them. wierd huh?
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Achilles Last Stand- Led Zeppelin.

Good beat i love it.

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Depends on the game.

Something like Resident Evil or some other horror game?? Ambient music. Like Sigur Ròs, or, if you've got spunk, Sunn O))). The ambient, kinda eerie feeling can add that atmosphere.

RPG? Meh. Anything. Progressive music or power metal would work great, but whatever you like.

FPS? Loud. Heavy. Death metal, black metal, industral stuff. Something that can have that wall of sound.

Sports? Meh. Again. Anything works.
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if I'm playing a RTS like Starcraft I listen to whatever I'm in the mood for.

Otherwise I'm usually playing a FPS (quake 4, CSS) and don't listen to anything because I need to hear the in-game sounds.
Dragonforce, Children Of Bodom and BASSHUNTER are good for really fast games but Lamb Of God and Mudvayne are good for when you just need to let some anger out through video games
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FPS? Loud. Heavy. Death metal, black metal, industral stuff. Something that can have that wall of sound.

Why do that when you can put on the total opposite music and get some kind of weird numbing effect?

Seriously, i was listening to "The Scientist" while playing one of those games and it was like.....woah.......huh?
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Thrash metal and mario kart 64!
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I play only 1st person shooters and I always listen to the postal service. Killing people to peaceful music just makes my day.