ok, so my new guitar teacher really wants me to go int this ametuer guitar contest, and i need some help about which songs to play. i have to enter into it with my little brother playing with me, so i had a good idea about which song to play that had a lead and cool rythym part: sweet child o' mine. of course im not going to get enough stage time to play the whole song, so i want to just play the 3rd chorus onwards, with the slow guitar solo, then the big fast one. i can do the slow solo really well, but im still working on getting the run right in the fast solo. so my question is, because i don't have a wah pedal, should i just not bother? will it sound s**t without one? also, how much of a noob would i look like for playing such a classic? the contest, according to my teacher, is open to all ages, but he said only about 20 people will be in it. most of the people that are going in it will be playing a big metal finger like eruption or something, so my theory is that i should go for something with soul in it, rather than beat them with speed. my other song choice to play would be comfortably numb, but im just not sure if the judges will like it. its my favourite thing to play, and i think it is probably one of gilmours most emotional creations. im just not sure if the audience will get it. so basically, do i play sweet child without wah, or comfortably numb? or freebird.... umm not
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If you want to play some emo music, I recommend using these settings:

Gain: 0
Bass: 0
Mid: 0
Treble: 0

Master Volume: 0

Dude play what you want, if you like Comfortably Numb, Play it.
Sweet Child O mine without the wah will work if you can play it well enough
Dont be afraid to play the classics!
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You could pwn them with Hendrix I guess.
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Amateur contest + eruption=the sounds produced from weekends at a Connecticut Guitar Center.

you'll manage w/o a wah, your not going to be able to get some of those cool sounding wah scratches near the end of the song, but you should sound fine. If I could make a request of another song: Rude Mood - SRV.
i've entered a number of contests and have never heard sweet child o' mine played because it's shunned so much from guitar shops people don't wanna play it much elsewhere, so perhaps the judges won't be sick hearing it. but then again they might be :P just play something you'll have fun playing that way if you lose you won't beat yourself up for spending countless hours learning eugene's trick bag at double speed
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My advice is to play something a little easier if you can do it right. SO i guess whatever you feel more comforatable doing.

A well done "easier" piece sounds better then a sloppy "hard" piece.