This really wasn't my favorite. It felt boring and bland and a lot of notes sounded wrong. For the first few bars it sounded like you were going for a deasth metal feel, but then there started to be bum notes and sections that really just seemed like dicking around more than anything. Change up the rhythms, add some new ideas and scrap the random stuff in between the same 3 or 4 riffs. Sorry, not to big on this one. Crit one of mine? Their in my sig.
Measure 32 was ****ING WICKED!!! And the batman sounding thing in 35 was cool too. All the riffs were awesome man. I loved them. Also, i good place for a solo might be the last 4 bars. Just keep repeating that riff while the other shreds out a sweeeet solo. 8.5/10. Crit mine?
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