I don't know if this would have been better in Riffs and Recordings, but.........

Anyway, I found this text in a tab on UG -

"If you listen very carefully (I used the vocal cancelling feature while listening),
you can hear that the low D string is played, open and muted, in between the chords
in this riff."

- and I wondered if anyone knows what the guy is talking about? Is there something you can download to cancel the vocals in a track ? I would have thought that they couldn't be removed completely, as they are part of the final mix....
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Go to that site, and the final question (there's only 5)

That should help.
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That's decent but the question also mentions that there is numerous software which allows the vocals to be removed, yet he wants to save the vocals. I don't care about having the vocals saved, so does anyone know software which will enable this ?
There is poetry in despair.
It's impossible (as far as I'm aware) to just simply get rid of the vocals in a song (unless you have the original multi-tracked version before it's been mixed down to an mp3 file or whatever...

But by lowering certain frequencies using software like Cubase, you could certainly reduce the level of vocals significantly.

By the way, is your "location" a reference to the Opeth song?
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^Yes , it most certainly is....

I also thought it was impossible, but that tab piqued my curiosity.
There is poetry in despair.