£55 from cash convertors lol...

Its a 1980's i think, anyone know anything about them...other than the pups sound great
Wow, not bad! I'm not sure about the Roadstar models, better wait for someone else to explain. How does it play?
Really well, the finger board is vry flat and the neck is a beef steak, ..probally better for rhythm playing, but the pick ups sound great...it resembles a strat so much, especially the 70's strat with the oversized head, Big logo and writting on the head, and also the bullet truss rod....

Its nice and heavy too and has a good tone.
Roadstars were the predecessors of the RG series. Wow. That's some find. Those usually go for about 200-300$. Nice guitars. Not the best from that time period (Around 1983-1988, my Baretta pwns it, but oh well) but still quite the amaszing sort. Some say (including me) that they sound better than most of the strats, even the Fender ones.
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I dont have a clue lol,

But like that dude said, they sound pretty much th same as a fender strat made in the USA, and this is a Made in Japan model.

I wanna buy it off him lol...its got rarity and individuality.
Sadly my local cash converteres closed a few years ago, I did however pick up my ESP M-1 in prestine condition for £140 before it closed. Iv known a few people to get great deals from there where the staff really dont have a clue what they are selling. Im my case they had 3 guitars at the time 2 Tanglewood Strat copies for £200 each and a 1986 ESP M-1 for £140.Which would you take...
Superb man. If I'd of seen that I'd of picked it up without regard too.
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i'm not too well up on the older ibanezes, i think it's probably a nice guitar, you can just make out "made in japan" on the neck plate, i think. I'm guessing that was a steal, as long as it's not broken in any un-fixable way.
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Roadstars are pretty damn cool. Nice buy.
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