Alright this could lose a lot of people....

Did anyone use to watch a tv program when you were younger called Hubbub? I think that's what it was called. It was either on channel 5 or Itv after school and it was about a cycle courier called Les Bub who always had these crazy adventures on his bike. He always made a weird horn noise with his mouth.

Anyone else watch this? if so do you have any YouTube links? I have an extreme urge to watch this - so if you can help me I will be a happy man.

Mucho gracias
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I remember that! Didn't he live in a really tall building?
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It was on BBC1 you fool! The blasphemy behind stating it was ITV OR Channel 5 is horendous!

It was a little crap tbh.
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Awww i breifly looked at the title and thought it said hubba bubba dissapointed, and no im never heard of it
i remember it
not like details or anything
search the bbc or something for it?
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I remember that! Didn't he live in a really tall building?


Help me find it

There he is. Does this ring any bells? he used to have that weird signature hand moment when he made the honk honk noise. God I need to find a video!
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Hubbub = epic win.

I loved that show. The one I remember most is when he had to deliver a pizza but there was a rival pizza dude on a motorbike who he was racing to the client. If i remember correcty, the client was a big fat businessman who was making them race for some reason, can't remember why.

Can't find any videos.
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Man that's badass.

I remember Hububb! I think I remember an episode in which he had hiccups and he tried to get rid of them. Hilarity surely ensued.
I remember trying to make the horn noise when I was little but I could never do it
I remember Les Bub.
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Well this brings back memories for sure. I had completely forgotten about that show.
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Les Bub > All kids TV characters nowadays. He truy was awesome, and typically I can't find anything on Youtube.
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