Ok so i was going to buy myself x2 30ft guitar cables for when I would play small gigs ect, but then I seen something about 'signal drop off' and with too long a cable you would lose your 'highs' now I know what these mean but would that happen if I went: Guitar, 30ft, Effects, 30ft, Amp?
Also the reason I would have a 30ft cable would be for swinging the guitar around my neck + other 'stage moves'.
Q1, Would their be these problems with x2 30ft cables?
Q2, If so do ya think 20ft of cable between guitar + wah pedal would be long enough for acting like a nut job?
If the answer to Q1 was yes and Q2 no, does anyone know of a solution?

for the effects to amp, you surely dont need a 30 ft
wouldnt something shorter do
10 ft or something?
but i think 30ft from guitar to effects would be alright
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Yeah, like all electronic stuff - more cable = signal loss and more noises. Maybe hire a di-box?
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I think the most you're gonna need from your effects to your amp is 10 feet, if that. You'll need about 20 from your wah to your guitar, but that's only if you're Justin Hawkins and like to fly around the stage on a stuffed tiger.
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My cable runs are 25 feet for both. I've had to use longer in the past due to the distance between my pedalboard and the backline, but I've never had any problems. Here's your test...go to Radio Shack and buy one of those 1/4" to 1/4" female/female adapters and go try it out. Connect a 30 foot cable between the guitar and the adapter, and test 10, 20 and 30 foot cables between the adapter and amp. As long as the cables have good shielding and are not microphonic, you shouldn't hear any noise. It's always good if you're a gigging guitarist to carry at least two cables...one main and one backup, for any long-distance connection you're making. To that end, I would probably carry two 10', two 25' and two 30' cables for my pedalboard to amp connection. For your guitar to pedalboard connection, I would probably just stick with two 25' runs. If you have a buffer somewhere in your signal chain (if you have a Boss pedal somewhere, then you're covered), you shouldn't have any problems with longer cable runs of 30' or more.