well i just boughta ramos v100+ mp4 player from China, and its really good , in my opinion. i bought it for 700 rmb, or 100 canadian. It has great gamess, like super mario, street fighter, video, picture, ebook, and music function, a calendar, and other great features...was it a good deal?

ive only had it for 1 day, so im not sure about its durability. can anyone who's had this product please tell me more information about this system? like a rating, or how good they think it is...

AND...im confused about rechearging this thing...i think it's through a usb cable through a pc...but Im not sure...can anyone tell me how long im suupposed to charge this mp4, and how long the battery life is? ...the instructions are in chinese...cant read...lol

btw, you can post any additional info about this system. ty
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