So i got the bug rebuilding my Squier and I want to look into upgrading my strat's pickups (and getting rid of that damn bridge humbucker I thought was a good idea). One question though. Are the pickups worth upgrading or are the standard MIM pickups as good as I'll get for a decent price. I'd be looking to replace them with GFS pickups most likely, probably overwound, but suggestions are welcome. I'd like to keep it SSS. Oh and my amp is a blues junior coming sometime this week and I mainly play blues, classic rock, and indie/alternative.
You can upgrade the pickups. You have a good amp, so it'll make a bit of a difference. Wait until you get your new amp, though. You might find that your tone is just fine with stock parts. I'd go for something like their...Greybottoms or Boston blues - non stagger, where applicable. I personally would go for their "vintage" winds.