Hello everybody! Can someone help me? I have listened to Underclass hero the new album by Sum 41 (my fave band) and I want to know If someone can make guitar pro partitures of the songs of this album...I´m not a musician yet...and I only can learn by guitar pro cause I don´t understand tabs or chords....If there is some fan of sum 41 and can make a guitar pro tab of their new songs it will be great (I know there are versions of March of the dogs, Walking disaster, Underclass hero and Confusion and frustration for guitar pro, Ihave learn to play this songs but I want to learn the other songs of the album)...Thanks guys...and sorry for my bad english but im spanish and its hard to explain what I want to say....
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I really won't promise anything, but if i have got nothing to do this late evening, I may try to transcribe the allready tabbed out songs into partitures. But only if I have time. I'll PM you if I happen to do it.

Anyway, i'd say it's a good idea for you to learn Tabs. It's REALLy easy to figure out, speacially if you already have the training of reading partitures. Take the tutorial here on UG. It really helps.