Is there a programme that will scan my hard-drive and put all the music that's scattered all over the place, in one place, in tidy folders, like: "Opeth" -> then album folders and so on. I really need it Please

My music files are everywhere and I lost track of what I have and what I need to have. I also just want all my music in one giant folder.

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Itunes organises the files into the itunes folder.
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Quote by rabidguitarist
Itunes organises the files into the itunes folder.

No, I have iTunes... Even if it does, it's still weird as ****, while I just want a programme that does specifically what I want, not a player or something.
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itunes takes up way too much memory

you want winamp..

get the latest version, press alt+L to get the library.. click library and add your hard drive...

the search is better than anything else...
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Man... You misunderstood. I have that. I have the library thing.

What I want is a bit different...

I want a program that will ACTUALLY arrange all the files on my hard drive! Not just SHOW them in the library, but I want the actual files found and copied onto, say, C:\Music

So all my music files which are scattered all over the ****ing place can ACTUALLY BE in one place on my hard drive. Say, C:\Music\Opeth\Ghost Reveries etc.

Basically, find the file somewhere in C:\downloads\porn\images\, copy it, create a corresponding folder in C:\Music\, paste it there and erase the initial one.

I'm sure this exists, because I've seen people who have that and they only have 1 or 2 tracks in there. Yet it's still organized that way.

Please help! I have waaaaaaay too much music to do it myself. I need a programme
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****.. you're screwed, aren't you?

i had to do exactly what you're talking about just a few months back.. over 5000 songs scattered over 7 hard drives...

so obviously i cant help you out.. i did it the hard way..

hope you find what you're looking for anyway
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Yes there is. I can upload to rapidshare if you want? You must know about How to patch though
You have to do it yourself.

mkdir ~/music
mkdir ~/music/Opeth
mkdir ~/music/Opeth/****tyMetalAlbum
mv ~/downloads/trash/Opeth/****tyMetalAlbum/*.mp3 ~/music/Opeth/****tyMetalAlbum/

... Or copy and paste with windows explorer.
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No theres a software, Am I allowed to upload it on her though? I think i might get t3h Ban

Just PM Me. I'll give it you tommorow