Hey people,
I have tried to make a text (it is my first one)
Post here what you think of it: keep in mind it's my first one

[The Lie]
In a distant land
Where a few rule

In a distant land
Where everyone believes,
what they are being told,

In a distant land
Where everyone would die,
for the lies, long told,
for all they believe

As their cunning Lords know
a lie’s been spread,
among the innocent,
among the blind followers
of a false faith,
which only servers the few,
A prophecy that promised
The people honor and glory,
But will only
provoke death among
the innocent,
So that the few,
Will finally be rid of,
The people standing in their way,

“Fight young man,
For all you believe in,
For all you care about,
Trade your innocence and soul,
For a psychotic hell,
Do what we tell,
Save your family,
From those a banded by the light,
Kill those threats,
Kill those heretics,
For your family’s sake”

“We’ll fight for you,
We’ll die for you,
We’ll kill those heretics,
The families will be saved,
We shall vanquish them,
For our faith,
We shall do as you desire
Our souls are yours”

[The others]
On the other side,
Of the border,
Where the heretics live,
Where all must be slain,
Are told the same lies,
Everyone is prepared,
To fight for their children,
To kill for what they believe in

A hollow day will come,
The judgment day,
The soldiers will fight,
Many will die,
For all the lies told,
by the ones they trust,


[Bellum: instrumental]

Angels are coming from the sky,
Tears are falling down,
A sea of blood covers the land,
The smell of death surrounds the earth,
All have died in the name of their Gods,
so some could prophet from the war,
lives ruined,
families have fled,
the prophecy wasn’t true,
and now all hell has broken lose,
all because of a few,
in a far distant land

When will they ever learn?
Will this help them see,
that war isn’t the only way?
it’s time to make a choice!