I have a single channel JCM 800, gigging with it is going to be hard because I need to be able to switch between overdrive and cleans... Would the best option be to put the preamp volume low on my amp for cleans and then use a boost pedal to get the preamp gain high so I can play with distortion? If yes then which boost pedal should I get?
I'd say use your guitar volume control, and a coil split/parallel switch if you have it. Also vary your picking dynamics...picking softer for clean parts will make a big difference.
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well if your playing through a PA system, than you can keep the volume preety low so you barely get overdriven sounds, and than mic that and make it louder, and than for a boost of overdrive use a pedal

hope that helps
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here is what I would do. But it only works if you have two volume knobs. First crank the pre amp volume so you have overdrive, you can get a boost to add more versatility and more gain (some good ones are the MXR Micro Amp, the maxon and ibanez Tubescreamers, and the BBE boosta grande). Then you turn down the volume on your neck pick up so that your neck pick up no gives you a clean sound. Flick up to the bridge and you should have about the same volume but way more gain, step on the boost for extra gain or you can just leave it on all the time essentially giving you a higher gain amp.
Crank it and use the volume control.
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yeah i think what you want just liek really quick from clean to distorted
pedals are easier i think then flicking a switch
go with the boosta grande
that's almost exactly what i use mine for
Cheers, think I'm gonna check out the EHX LB-1 for the boost.
Another question... if I want to be able to switch between what FX I'm using at a certain time (for a gig), what pedal would I be after? A looper or a footswitch?