ok ive had this amp for about 3 years now and i dont really know much about it cause its to load for my use, its made for band practice or small gigs not just for solo practice, but heres what i have

1980's era peavey renown 400 solo series
seriel number 6A-02779223
it has 2 12 inch speakers
(according to another renown 400 i found on ebay this thing has black widow speakers, and its wattage is 130 WATTS RMS INTO 8 OHMS, 210 WATTS RMS INTO 4 OHMS, although on the back of the amp it says 600 watt) but i dont really know for sure, but the thing is load.
it has 2 channels and 2 input jacks, it also has reverb and on the back preamp input and output,

i dont have a pic yet but if someone is interested i could get one or more info just ask

i got this in a trade and never use it and need the money right now, im asking $200-$250 for this amp, i will ship it but it will cost a bit for shipping (the thing is about 85 pounds) but if you are near memphis TN or little rock AR i can proboly meet you somewhere for pickup,

im not trying to make a hugh profit off this just some money for car insurance