I currently use a VJ, and love it. However, it is simply not cutting it lately, and I have got together about $1000 for a new amp. I'm unsure of what to get, as I am not experienced with the price range. I'm mostly a grunge player and want a powerful grunge sound that can be used for classic rock like Zeppelin as well. Check my equipment in my sig. And don't tell me to save up 1000 more dollars cause I know you can get a decent amp for this price, I'm not in need of 200 watts, just want good tone. Thanks in advance!

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JCM800 unless you're not going to be cranking it much, in that case Orange Rocker- not sure how well it would do being put up to grunge though
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I'm gonna say an Orange Tiny Terror, with a nice cabinet and you will have a little left over if you want an overdrive or something. It is only 15 watts, so if you don't need the wattage, I think it is the best tone you can get for under a grand.
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