Okay i have a basswood Rg1570 from Ibanez

In a few weeks [on a trip] i'm planning to buy 2 replacement Dimarzio humbuckers for it

I've pretty much settled o nthe Tone Zone as my bridge pickup for distortion leads etc but i also want something in the neck that can give middy and articulate sustaining lead runs when selected with distortion, but also give a great clean sound and it's come down to the:
Breed neck and the Paf Joe

Is there a superior one of the two for what i want? Great cleans + OD?

Anyone who owns both of these and has any input will be loved forever =]
i've got an ibanez RG and i put a TZ in the bridge. got my amp all eq'd the way i like it with the TZ, then i went hunting for a neck pickup.
the air norton and the paf pro were both recommended. i tried the AN first and it was so far beyond muddy i can't even explain it. then i tried the paf pro and that was only slightly less muddy. i checked out dimarzio's website and their tone charts. i looked at the super 2, and called up dimarzio to ask them their oppinions. they said it would probably be too powerful and too muddy for the neck with the TZ.
i got it anyway and it balances PERFECTLY. its very clear, and has very good harmonic response.
oh, never go near the clean channel.
^ Ahh see thats the problem, i love my cleans aswell as distortion, so thats sorta outta the Q for me

But anyway
Breed i say, the Tone Zone is pretty hefty, might be tricky getting the Paf Joe to balance with it.
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Seeing as i'm now actually in the US i'll give this a big ol' *bump* before i go off to Guitar Center to pick up the TZ/Breed combo if im deff. for that